We are able to manage large projects and work within tight deadlines.

We maximize efficiency while working with the constraints of continued hotel operation

We ensure there is enough staff to ensure the project is completed on time

We produce a high quality finished product, the first time

Prostar Contracting has earned a reputation as one of Vancouver’s most recognized and premier commercial contractors by completing more than 7000 projects over the past 25 years.
At Prostar, we understand that renovating your hotel & resort is a significant investment. Since 1997, our “Customer First” mentality and attention to detail, has allowed us to grow into of the leading hotel renovators in British Columbia. We are dedicated to enhancing the appearance and functionality of your hotel or resort, focusing on delivering the highest quality of finishing, the first time.
We take the time to thoroughly comprehend your operations, priorities, and concerns, enabling us to develop customized work procedures and scheduled that suit your site. Our services include planning, design, organization, and resource management, which helps us successfully complete your project on time, on budget, and with peace of mind.
Please contact us for a no obligation estimate, along with consultative recommendations for the best approach toward maintaining and improving your hotel or resort.

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On Time, On Budget, With Peace of Mind