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Everything You Need to Know About Rotting Wood

We recently started a project removing all the rotting wood from a 32 unit complex in Vancouver. Given that we live in a very damp climate it’s important to inspect buildings for wood rot every 6-12 months. This a significant part of a building’s maintenance plan as rotting wood often goes unnoticed and can be […]

Knowing When it’s Time to Renovate your Restaurant

We regularly provide restaurants such as Earl’s, McDonald’s and Red Robin with restoration and interior renovation services so we understand the unique concerns and challenges faced in the restaurant industry. Frequent upgrades are essential not only to remain relevant by attracting new clientele and keeping existing customers interested, but also to maintain and improve functionality […]

How to Choose an Exterior Colour for your Strata or Commercial Building

Colour makes a strong first impression. Painting the exterior of a commercial building or multi-family home is a big commitment, one that needs to please owners and tenants for years to come. Here are some things to consider before starting your next exterior painting project. The Other Exterior Elements An easy starting point, when choosing […]